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You do know Biggles don't you?
We know him very well !!!!
We are the International Biggles Association the official organization of people interested in, or collecting, the works of Captain W.E. Johns.
You can reach our association by way of mailing,

We regularly organize meetings and attend other meetings, publish our Biggles News Magazine (mostly in Dutch) every three months, have our own antiquarian Bookshop and a publishing company which publishes uncollected stories by Captain W.E. Johns and an extensive Captain W.E. Johns Catalogue. Furthermore, we run a shop which sells these publications as well as other new editions by Captain W.E. Johns and related material.
By means of this website we like to inform you about Captain W.E. Johns and his works in England, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic etc.

A small impression
of a "Biggles"-

Apart from his famous Biggles series Johns wrote series on other heroines and heroes like Steeley, Worrals and Gimlet as well as a science fiction space travel series. He was also the author of adult fiction and non-fiction and of other juvenile titles, both fiction and non-fiction.


Gimlet van de commando's

Exclusively available at I.B.A. Online Shop!



Exclusively available at I.B.A. Online Shop!

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